We encourage you and your family, to get INVOLVED in ministry. This area is where you get to know the leaders, what the ministry has to offer and best of all, Where You Would Like to Fit In!

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Enlisted Youth Group

Our mission is to respond to the social and spiritual needs of the youth in our community by providing education programs, activities and events that will allow them to express their faith through their own words and actions; to encourage them to use their individual talents in programs and ignite their gifts and ministries that interest them in order to nurture their growth as people of faith while providing volunteer services to the community.

Building Little Ones in Christ Kingdom (B.L.O.C.K) It’s a place where the little ones will be taught the word of God, feel free and experience the love of God through interaction and communication.
Youth With Purpose (Y.W.P.) is meeting the needs of grades 1-5 and it’s a place where they will develop a personal relationship with God while being spiritually fed.
Made In Likeness Of King (M.I.L.K) is a place in ministry where grades 6-8 can be groomed and think beyond themselves. They will also begin to identify and declare what they want to become in life.
Righteous Individuals Choosing Holiness (R.I.C.H) is a place where high school student’s social and spiritual needs are met, while encouraging and grooming them for the next stage of ministry.
(All Ages) Performing Arts is an area in ministry where youth of all ages can express themselves through dance, theater, spoken word, etc. Participants are taught to perform at a level of excellence.
Our mission is to equip, empower, and connect young adults in an effort to assist their spiritual, social, intellectual, and physical development; lead them to an understanding that will strengthen their relationship with God and each other.

Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry of The Experience Christian Center constantly seeks to develop opportunities, using every available facet, to interactively teach men, women, and children the true and infallible Word of God, as in Psalm 119:105.  We endeavor to equip, empower, and provide believers with what is necessary to grow into spiritually mature Christians.

The Experience Christian Center’s Christian Development Institute (CDI), is a unique learning program designed to develop and train members in becoming highly effective in their Christian walk. Areas of emphasis include, but are not limited to, leadership, missions & evangelism, discipleship, and interpersonal skills. Each class is no longer than 1 hour a month, 9 times a year, and conducted primarily in a webinar format, accessible on-line by personal computer or mobile device.
As an Intercessory Prayer team, our mission at The Experience Christian Center, is to pray for the Pastor and his family. We are also to pray for the needs of the members and visitors of the church. Our mission statement is, “We are the eyes and ears of the ministry. We are called to do warfare against the enemy who tries to destroy the ministry.
Most of us grew up in Sunday School. We learned so much and it is imperative that we pass that on to our next generations. At The Experience Christian Center, we are honored to offer School on Sunday! With dynamic teachers, incredible lessons, and thought provoking discussion, School on Sunday is a perfect place for you!
ECC Scholarships ensures that our youth have an opportunity to pursue their dreams beyond high school, if they desire. The church works to mold their character, their faith, and their fortitude. Students that receive the scholarship take with them the knowledge that God has supplied for their needs. It should serve as a reminder that they are expected to become productive citizens in society, who stay grounded in their spiritual beliefs and teachings.
eGroups are small fellowship groups that consist of dedicated members seeking to deepen their faith and also strengthen the relationships. They are designed to create a more intimate environment in which lives are being enriched, believers are being empowered and one is challenged to expand their belief and faith. “Experience Everywhere” is our goal for The Experience Christian Center. By formulating these small groups focused on prayer, self-examination, group discussion, and weekly action items, we, the members of eGroups, create a lasting impact for those of our church, as well as, our local community.
Vacation Bible School is an annual event where we celebrate biblical learning during the summer. Children of all ages, including adults experience a themed biblical study that is aimed to change our lives for the better. Join us during the summer months for an awesome Vacation Bible School done the Experience Christian Center way!

Missions and Evangelism

Missions & Evangelism encompasses several ministries that speak to the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the church at large and general community. The ministry partners with local governmental and community based agencies to ensure that needs are met beyond the four walls of the local church. Each ministry within Missions & Evangelism seeks out ways to facilitate the healthy and growth of the total being.

Community Outreach Ministry provides activities and services within the Central Florida and other surrounding communities. Meeting the spiritual and physical needs of members and the community who may be experiencing homelessness and/or hunger. Providing clothing, groceries, and other helpful services through community events throughout the year.
Full Plate Ministry provides hot meals to service the physical needs of the church and the overall community. This ministry also provides hot meals to support members during the loss of loved ones and when welcoming new additions to their families.
T.O.U.C.H. Ministry provides education and support for members related to emergencies, suicide, social illness, and domestic elderly and child abuse. It provides resources to members and the community by connecting them to agencies that can assist with their specific needs.
Social Justice Ministry provides education and support for issues related to voting and voters rights. They work with local agencies to assist those recently released from incarceration to restore their rights. This ministry participates and partners with local agencies to ensure that the church has a voice in our local communities.

Worship Ministry

The FLAVA Music Ministry exemplifies a life of true worship. We endeavor to invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit through corporate worship. We strive to get God’s attention with our worship in hopes of the release of His Glory into the atmosphere. We produce worshipers by giving God our all. Our aim is to set the atmosphere so much so that we prepare the hearts of the people to receive a rhema word.

The Mass Choir is a combination of voices united from all choirs of The Experience Christian Center, to sing songs from popular Top 10 Hits to contemporary ballads and traditional mixes with a new FLAVA. The mass choir rehearses on Thursdays before the 1st & 4th Sundays at 6:45pm.
The youth choir welcomes children of all ages. They rehearse on Wednesdays before the 2nd Sunday @ 6:45pm, during Word On Wednesday and Saturdays before the 2nd Sunday @ 8:30am.
The musicians are a diverse group of individuals that are anointed to play instruments. They enhance the music ministry, as well as, the church services as a whole. The musicians are led by the Music Director who collaborates with the Pastor of Worship.
The praise team is a hand-selected group of Levites that lead the people into Worship and Praise at the beginning of all of the Experience’s church services. This team goes beyond the typical choir duties within a church service and serves as section leaders within the choir.
Adult Performing Arts is a group of adult liturgical dancers, that participate in the Fine Arts that enhances a morning service.

Experience Life

Gideon’s Quad, affectionately known as GQ, is a ministry led, supported by, and geared toward men of the church 18 years of age and older.
Winning Women’s Ministry (WWM) is designed to minister and nurture the total woman. WWM deals with various challenges with the belief that “I Can Win!” This ministry is for women 18 years of age and older.
Seasoned Adults Learning and Teaching (S.A.L.T.) is a ministry for “seasoned” adults of the church, 50 years of age and older.
The Three Cord Ministry is led, supported by, and geared toward married couples of the church.
S.A.V.E.D.D. Singles Ministry is led, supported by, and geared toward single, unmarried individuals of the church.
The goal of our Health and Wellness Ministry is to bring the importance of health and wellness to the forefront of all genders, ages, and races.